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Wishing you a very warm Christmas and happy crofting in the New Year
Posted: 23/12/2016

A’ guidhe dhuibh Nollaig Chridheil agus deagh bhliadhna croitearachd sa Bliadhna Ùir bho Cheanglaichean Croitearachd.

from Brid and Pam Crofting Connections, December 2016

Earth, Fire, Water, Air….how to make an ice-bowl, to bring light - or ice-cream - to your festive table this season

Ice Bowl

*  Choose 2 wide, shallow, tapered stainless steel bowls of similar shape (see picture),
  one approx 2 cm wider in diameter than the other
*  Fill the bottom of the larger bowl with holly and ivy
*  Pour in water to cover the greenery
*  Place smaller bowl on top, weight it down with stones or other heavy objects,
    so water begins to rise up the sides of the bowl
*  Make sure the rims of both bowls are the same height
*  Insert more holly and ivy round the sides of the outer bowl, keeping the inner bowl
*  Carry carefully to the freezer, adjusting position of the bowls to make sure they are
    sitting level in the freezer
*  Top up water to rim of the bowls
*  Leave for at least 24 hours, till the bowl is frozen
*  When needed, remove from freezer, remove weights and pour warm water into the inner
    bowl, to reveal the inside of the ice bowl
*  Dip the outer bowl in warm water to release, and place ice bowl on a tray to catch
    drips as it will slowly melt
*  Place the ice bowl in the centre of your festive table with a candle in the middle
    (a night-light in a glass holder)
*  Or, surprise your guests at the end of the meal, by using it to serve special ice-cream