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World Soils Day December 5th 2016
Posted: 05/12/2016

To celebrate World soils day 2016, here is a selection of photos from schools engaged with Crofting Connections and our partner project NECOFA Kenya to show the importance of learning how to look after our soils, probably the most precious and most neglected of resources on Earth.

We also thought you might enjoy these amusing one-minute videos from the Soil Association on life in the soil.

Pupils prepare the soil, test the pH, irrigate the soil, sow seeds, tend plants and finally enjoy the harvest.

Keills primary pupils testing pH on four different soils on Islay Lomayana pupils test the pH of the soil in their school garden near Lake

Sgoil Lionacleit pupil spreads well rotted seaweed to help retain moisture on the machair in Benbecula Michinda pupils planting seeds in modules to help retain moisture in their seedlings in their school garden near the edge of the Mau Forest

Mallaig High School pupils planting peas to increase nitrogen in the soil at the croft Gergask primary pupils harvesting their bean crop

Lomayana pupils learn irrigation techniques vital for growing in their semi-arid climate Mandala garden at Michinda school, a good example of water harvesting and intercropping

Crofting Connections phase 2 was evaluated by the Education for Global Citizen Unit of the University of Glasgow.  Read the full report here and a summary with case studies here.