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Roast lamb dinner in Gergask Primary School
Posted: 07/12/2016

Pupils in Gergask Primary school have been following the sheep year at a local farm from before birth all the way to the sales.  This was celebrated with a roast lamb dinner on 22nd November provided by Cathy and Archie from Breakachy farm.

The pupils saw the ewes being scanned to find out how many lambs would be born and then met some of them shortly after lambing.  In the autumn they joined the sales in Kingussie and even got a chance to go into the ring as the sheep were being sold.

Sheep lining up to be scanned earlier in the year Can we keep this one?

Trying not to smile at the sales so the price goes up Roast lamb dinner with Cathy and Archie

Crofting Connections joined the celebration on 22nd with a weaver/spinner from the Highland Guild. The children got a chance to card some fleece, spin some yarn and weave some cloth using the equipment supplied to schools by Crofting Connections. They heard how sheep are and were so important to the lives of crofters. Pupils from P1 to P7 enjoyed the hands on experience with the wool and Mr MacLean even plans to take the spinning wheel home over the holidays to practice his spinning. Hopefully he can show us some of his yarns in the New Year!

Learning to card fleece Learning to spin