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Somnium Solstitiale: Am bàrd mòr a-measg tùrsachan Leòdhais
Posted: 30/09/2016

Shakespeare among island megaliths at the summer solstice

Button the weaver/crofter and spritely Puck
bathed in Hebridean moonlight
hardly slept a comic wink
after A Midsummer Night’s Ceilidh
dreaming eastward from the long island
to the dawn of the longest day
about to cast shadows
amid the standing stones of Callanish

Duncan Ferguson for 20 June MMXVI

Callinish Stones

A little seasonal verse inspired by both the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and thoughts of the midsummer solstice with its traditional association with stone circles.

Picture: Pupils from Kinlochbervie High, Highland, and Whalsay Junior High, Shetland, meet at the Callanish Stones at the start of a Crofting Connections visit to Lewis in 2014