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Exploring Croft food in Raasay Primary School
Posted: 11/05/2015

Last month Raasay Primary School and nursery pupils spent a whole day exploring what food crofters grew and produced.

They learnt about the cereal crops grown in Scotland in the past and today and were very excited to grind their own flour from oat groats, bere barley and wheat grain. 

Grinding grain in Raasay PS' 
cereals, grain and flour

They also identified the vegetables and herbs that crofters grew to give them a balanced diet.  Almost all crofters had their own hens and still do. Some crofters were also lucky enough to have their own house cow which provided them with their milk, butter and cheese.  The children tried their hand at making their own butter, using it as an opportunity to practice some of their Gaelic singing.

Raasay PS Gaelic singing 1 from Crofting Connections on Vimeo.

Making beremeal bannnoks and tattie scones proved to be very popular and even better was trying them with some homemade hedgerow jelly and traditional crowdie cheese similar to that crofters would have produced for themselves in the past.

Counting the bannocks and tattie scones to share out
Enjoying the bannocks and sconesr

Raasay PS hopes to become a ‘Crofting’ school and head teacher Wilma Duncan is preparing a 3 year plan to achieve this.  Watch this space for further updates.