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Kenyan Connections Conference in Inverness
Posted: 12/06/2015

The first exchange visit of Kenyan teachers and community members culminated in a conference held at the Highland Council Chamber on Monday 8th June 2015

The conference introduction was accompanied by music from both Scotland and Kenya. 

Kenyan delegates at the Highland Council Chambers

Councillor Alex Graham, Provost of Inverness, opened the conference and Norma Young, West Highland Area Care and Learning Manager, chaired the proceedings.  Delegates included teachers from the partner schools, project staff from Necofa and Crofting Connections, Crofting Connections steering group members, representatives from crofting and education and teachers from other schools Highland, Orkney and Shetland.

After presentations spanning topics such as Learning for Sustainability, Global Citizenship, healthy meals in Scotland and Kenya (full conference programme can be viewed here), Calum MacSween from Crofting Connections steering group and Highland One World management committee reflected on the day and closed the conference. 

Delegates enjoyed a meal reflecting typical school meals in both the crofting counties in Scotland and the Shambas in Kenya - lamb stew and potatoes and beans and vegetables with ugali.  In the afternoon, partner schools hosted workshops to discuss the learning from this first exchange and the way forward for schools.

The biographies of the speakers can be viewed here and their presentations can be viewed in the links below

Necofa meets Crofting Connections

Learning for Sustainability

Healthy Meals in Scotland and Kenya

Document prepared by The James Hutton Institute comparing soil samples in Kenya with soils in the crofting areas of Scotland

For more information on the schools and partners involved see here