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Dalwhinnie Primary, May 2010
Posted: 02/06/2010

The children here at Dalwhinnie Primary School had a very special experience in May when they went to the Highland Folk Park in Newtonmore to help with planting potatoes.  The children had previously planted 5 varieties of potatoes that had come as part of the crofting Connections project at school.  These they had planted in bags alongside the variety that they received as part of the RHET Grow and Count project.

More tatties requiredCharlie P1 and Dylan P4 help
At the Folk Park all the boys were met by Mr. Bob Powell and Eric Stewart at the field where they were going to plant.  Bob demonstrated how to plough behind a tractor then each of the children had a couple of turns with varied support depending on size.  Eric then demonstrated how to place the potatoes before they were all given a bucket of Kerr’s Pinks and directed to the drills that they were going to plant.

Eric gets ready to add fertiliser and earth up the tatties   
The children were all totally focused and took this very seriously.  The potatoes were then earthed over using the tractor and plough and the pupils retired for a well earned lunch.  In the afternoon the pupils were taken round the croft by Bob to look at how the machinery that has been used for planting and harvesting potatoes in the past.
The children will be returning in October to help with harvesting the potatoes that they planted.  In the meantime they continue to look after the potatoes, carrots, courgettes and herbs that they have planted at school. These (hopefully) will be available to the local community for a small donation although some will be kept as the plan is that we join with Gergask Primary, our nearest Crofting Connections school in Laggan and the Folk Park to celebrate our harvest later in the year.

Bob Powell explains how the plough worksLauchlan P6 has a go