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Kenyan visitors putting down roots
Posted: 12/07/2015

After a wonderful eleven days of school visits and activities, we said goodbye to our four teachers and four community leaders from Kenya on Wednesday 10th June.

The visit was the result of the partnership between Crofting Connections and NECOFA Kenya School Gardens Initiative which works with rural schools and communities in the Eastern Rift Valley and has very similar aims to Crofting Connections. The partnership echoes a wider global movement to raise the profile of local small-scale food production all over the world.

Planting Trees at Abriachan Forest Trust

The packed schedule included re-enacting a drove in Argyll, hearing about croft history in the Cairngorms, visiting vibrant remote rural schools in northern Shetland and planting trees with the Abriachan Forest Trust.  The visitors were given a warm welcome wherever they went which was much needed in the unseasonable cold weather even those of us living here found hard.

Kenyan delegates at the Highland Council Chambers

At the Conference in the Highland Council Chambers in Inverness delegates heard how Learning for Sustainability and Food Education are acquiring a higher profile in Kenya and Scotland and schools shared their experiences of the week.  Plans for future joint school work were discussed which will include the return visit of Scottish teachers to Kenya in the autumn.

Around the Drovers' camp fire in Inverary Kenyans hearing about Crofting in the Cairngorms

One of Kenyan Connections Scottish partners, Highland One World, has written an article for STRIDE magazine (a Global Citizenship magazine for Scottish schools)  about the exchange, see here

More details on Learning for Sustainability in Kenyan Connections can be read here  and background to the trip can be found in other news items on this website.