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Living Food for Children at Cawdor Castle
Posted: 25/09/2014

Crofting Connections was part of the Food Education activities at Living Food in Cawdor Castle on 20th September along with RHET, RoWAN, Highland Council Catering, Slow Food Scotland and Food for Life Scotland.

Crofting Connection has a busy stall

Children and parents got a chance to explore the full cycle of food from earth to plate.  From how healthy food starts in healthy soil, to what can a garden grow in North of Scotland and what’s really on our plate.  See more about the cycle here

RHET and RoWAN  provided activities such as making paper pots, planting seeds and the compost jigsaw,  Slow Food Scotland ran Taste Adventure  sessions where children experienced food through all 5 senses, Food for Life Scotland  provided the Seasonal Snap to help find out what can be grown when in Scotland and the Highland Council Catering  team had traybakes made with local fruit and vegetables for people to sample and buy.

Crofting Connections had a very busy stall where children became millers by grinding some grain.  They were also able to sample bannocks made fresh with beremeal grown in Orkney with preserves made from berries found in the hedges in Scotland. See some more information on Bannocks with recipes here

Girl milling grainl boy milling grain