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Crofting Connections at Grantown 250
Posted: 30/06/2015

Crofting Connections was part of the Food and Regality Fair in Grantown on Spey last Wednesday 24th June.

Over 120 school children from 5 local primary schools got a chance to take a step back in time into a croft house of the late 18th Century. They heard about what life would have been like in the area, what the crofters would have grown, what they would have worn and how they would have traded.

Hearing about croft life in a re-enacted croft kitchen

Some had a chance to try on a plaid of the time and saw how it would have been worn differently by men and women. They all had a chance to mill some grain to make flour which was used to make bere bannocks which seemed to go down well.  Three representatives from the Highland Guild of Spinners and Weavers were on hand to give everyone a brief try of carding, spinning and weaving.  Appropriate for the day as we were celebrating the laying of the first stone in Grantown which was a linen factory.
Weaving wool at Grantown 250

Laying out the Plaid Getting dressed

Children will be working on their own stories based on what they saw, heard and did on the day.