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Northern school travels north
Posted: 09/07/2014

Kinlochbervie High School trips normally involve a trip south, west or east but rarely north.  Last month 11 S2-5 Crofting Connections pupils and 2 staff drove the 90 miles north to get the first of 3 ferries at Scrabster to take them to visit Whalsay Junior High School via Orkney and Shetland mainland.

Digging ditches - an annual task

Their purpose was to find out about crofting in the Shetland Isles and to rekindle friendships first started during the Crofting Connections Sheilings  trip last year at the SCF Gathering in Stornoway.  There was a dilemma for some of the pupils as the school was also taking a trip to Vancouver at the same time. Several pupils had to choose which place to go and it sounds like the ones who chose the north over the west were not disappointed.

The Kinlochbervie pupils not only saw some aspects of crofting life in Shetland (including a visit to a pelagic fishing trawler, Shetland crofters are often described as fishermen with a wee bit of land!) but they also helped at the school polytunnel and croft which partners with the school.  Pupils were very impressed with the snack of cherries from the polytunnel during breaktime.

Payment for work in cherries

Together the pupils bought and prepared an evening meal made up of some traditional Shetland crofter produce such as reestit mutton and ‘floory’ bannocks as well as some other more contemporary local croft produce.

Preparing evening meal

A visit to low impact producers at Transition Turriefield and the wool factory on mainland Shetland ensured lots more ideas (and wool) would be taken back to Highland for future use.

Read all about the trip in the words of Kinlochbervie pupils here and from Whalsay here.