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Sea and Soil on the menu in two Shetland schools
Posted: 07/05/2014

Two of our Shetland Crofting Connections schools, Burravoe Primary School and Cullivoe Primary School, have been awarded a Food For Thought grant from Education Scotland so they can learn about the Shetland aquaculture industry.

Two pupils tell us in their own words what they have been doing.

The children at Burravoe have been making one lunch every week this term. All of the recipes we have chosen are fish dishes. We have been planning our own salads to go with the dishes; we have been trying different salads to broaden our taste buds.

Making Fish fingers

As part of this year’s Crofting Connection project Burravoe are growing the Rainbow Harvest; we will be using the Rainbow Harvest food in our dishes.

Every week we split into 4 groups, we are all mixed so there are little ones and big ones. We prepare the salad and lay the salad onto the plate to make it look presentable and appetizing.

We read the fish recipe and start on the salad. So far we have made spicy red haddock, cod fish fingers and salmon parcels next time we have decided to make salmon fish cakes.

We have been trying different salads because we are going to grow our own salad for the lunches.

Planting a salad

By Charlotte Pugh P7 and Mia Clark P6