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Crafty Crofters in Lochcarron
Posted: 20/03/2014

Pupils in Crofting Connections PS in Lochcarron were looking for ways their interest in all things wool could be sustained in their school for future classes.

So they are working hard to make items to sell in their local craft shop and they’ve called themselves the ‘Crafty Crofters’.

Starting with carding their wool, they are keeping up with making the felt earrings and buttons which were very popular last year.


Making felt earrings and buttons

The new skill they’ve been learning this term is how to do dry felting using special needles and making card from leftover felt.

Dry felting 1 Making cards from leftover felt

The experienced P7 spinner from last year has moved on to Plockton HS but he is replaced by Eilidh the new super spinner.  Hanks of wool made by the pupils are the best seller for the Crafty Crofters.

Super spinnerg

So the Crafty Crofters are not only continuing the traditional crafts of crofters, they are making money for the school to buy new materials for upcoming classes to continue to do the same.