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Crofting in Moray
Posted: 14/03/2014

In February Crofting Connections hosted a visit to Moray schools from a retired primary school teacher who spent every summer in her early childhood on her grandparents croft near Rothes in Moray.  Linda Mitchell spoke to teachers from 5 primary schools in a twilight CPD session and to all the pupils in Craigellachie PS the following day.

Linda’s memory of life in the mid 1900s in Moray is invaluable as a living memory of crofting.  She presented it with great day to day detail that easily grasped the children’s imagination.

Her ‘bumpy road grannie’ had a somewhat remote existence among her hens, ducks, bees, Bessie the cow and Marie the Highland pony. She did however do a weekly trip to Elgin involving a walk down and uphill through gorse bushes to get some essential provisions she couldn’t provide for herself.  Her grandfather, like a lot of other crofters, had a regular income from working a second job on the railway but most of the day to day running of the croft fell to her grannie.

Linda explained how her grandparents cooked and cleaned without any running water or electricity, the kind of food they ate and provided for themselves and how the visit from the postie and travelling shop was so important for contact with the outside world. 

Teachers and pupils alike were inspired to work more with the older generation in their communities and the two days lay a great foundation for future work for Crofting Connections schools in Moray.

Linda Mitchell speaking to Craigellachie PS and crofting in Moray