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Orkney’s Crofting Connections
Posted: 20/03/2012

An event to showcase the range of Crofting Connections activities in Orkney’s schools. Sponsored by the Orkney Islands Council.

To bring together pupils and teachers from Crofting Connections schools to share good practice and showcase the range of Crofting Connections activities in Orkney schools in the context of Curriculum for Excellence from P1 to S4:

1. To explore Orkney’s Crofting Connections, past, present and future in the context of work, culture and the natural environment;

2. To showcase traditional and contemporary food in Orkney, in the context of fishing and land use past, present and future;

3.  To showcase the traditional crafts associated with crofting, particularly using primary croft products such wool for felting and straw for Orkney chairs and baskets;

4.  To celebrate the role of Orcadian dialect in passing on the traditions of work and culture in Orkney, including the names of flora, fauna and places;

5. To highlight the role of music and other expressive arts in keeping the culture of Orkney alive and relevant to children and young people;

6.  To showcase Orkney’s Small Isles as a destination for young people when they leave school or return after studies;

7.  To encourage young people to engage in the dialogue on shaping the future of their communities through community councils and other local initiatives.

The event was an effective partnership between Crofting Connections and Orkney Islands Council, with support from Orkney’s crofter-farmers, crafts people, heritage professionals, artists, food producers, processors and suppliers, caterers and
chefs. The result was a varied and engaging programme which informed and inspired teachers and pupils about Orkney’s crofting heritage, current land use and the future of crofting skills in the islands.