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Crofting Connections Phase One draws to a close
Posted: 20/08/2012

Crofting Connections is now almost at the end of its three years of exciting and productive study of Crofting past, present and future by over 2.500 pupils in 59 schools across the Highlands and Islands.

The project is a testimony to the hard work and real enthusiasm of teachers, pupils, parents and other members of the local community in a range of nurseries, primary and secondary schools of all sizes throughout the Crofting Counties. An independent evaluation of the project was commissioned by HIE early this year. The report, published in May 2012, gave a huge endorsement to the project, from teachers, pupils, crofters, local authority education directorates and Education Scotland.

Phase 2 is set to start this autumn, working with an even wider range of schools in the Crofting Counties, including the new areas in Moray and Arran, and focussing on developing better networks between schools across the project to showcase the good work, which you will have been following in Crofter articles since autumn 2009.

Crofting Connections would like to thank crofters from Argyll to Shetland and all of you who have supported this well-loved project in its three pioneering years of helping to nurture our next generation of crofters who will keep crofting alive and thriving in the 21st century.