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Crofting Connections schools hold Crofters’ Market
Posted: 21/02/2011

In Minard Primary, we have been working hard over the last year on our Crofting Connections project.

To celebrate the end of our first year, we held a crofters’ market to show everyone in the community what we had been doing.

1.  The busy market at Auchindrain Township
We held it at Auchindrain Museum Township and there were three schools altogether; Inveraray and Furnace Primary as well as ourselves. The three schools were all running their own stalls and selling vegetables and preserves that we had grown and bottled in our schools. On our stall we sold home grown veg, such as beetroot, lettuce, carrots, potatoes (etc) and we also sold woven wall hangings and clay bowls that we had made during our project work.

4. Hurry, hurry! Only a few tatties and scones left at the Minard stall!
There were lots of side stalls with games and activities and our school organised the skipping and the weaving groups. The game every one enjoyed most was the scarecrow hunt. It was great fun doing all the activities.

2. Alexander, Sam, Donald, Adam and Toby take their turn to greet the customers.

I particularly enjoyed grinding the corn and the scarecrow hunt. We sold almost all our items and we made £70 for our school business.

I really enjoyed it and I would love to do it again.

Donald McCallum (P7) Minard Primary School

3. Harley mills some grain to make bread flour for our lunchtime rolls.