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Our Trip to Edinburgh - Lochcarron Primary School
Posted: 10/01/2011

Last week we went to Edinburgh to visit the parliament. We travelled there by minibus and we knew it was going to be exciting. We got to go there because we are a Crofting Connections school and our names were picked out of a hat.

When we finally got there we went into the youth hostel where we were staying that night. We threw all our stuff on the beds then wandered back downstairs. We were going to eat in Dynamic Earth before we went to the Holyrood Reception
but Dynamic Earth was double booked so we just had to eat pasta in a church hall.

After we had eaten we went along to the Holyrood reception in the parliament. We had to go through a security check; luckily nobody was trying to blow up the Parliament. When we got in there we saw the potatoes we had grown in our school. There were lots of other children there and we listened to all of these environmental ministers and people making important speeches about crofting. There were also different types of traditional Scottish food like potato scones with Stornoway black pudding and crofter’s chutney, and oatcakes and a mini quiche with Balmacara black rock eggs. None of which we liked the look of much, they didn’t look extremely edible. We also said hello to Samuel Muhunyu there, (he was the Kenyan man who came to visit our school a while ago). After a while of wandering around looking at all the crofting artefacts and paintings the taxis came to pick us up and took us back to the hostel.

We had a good night’s sleep after sipping some hot chocolate downstairs and in the morning we woke up early and got dressed. We went downstairs and had some breakfast. Then we got in the minibus which drove us to the parliament where we got a tour of the building. We saw lots of rooms and our favourite was the debating room where there was a big circular style table with microphones for people to talk through and there were huge glass windows and a lot of cool square lights. Here is a fact you might not know, if a person in the parliament speaks too long they just turn their microphone off! We walked down some famous steps were not sure what they were called. The style of the rooms in the parliament were unique and the person giving us the tour said it was styled in a Scottish way because all the wood was Scottish oak and sycamore and there were lots of Scottish crosses on the walls and on the ceiling. It also resembled a ship a bit. Then we all rushed into the gift shop after the tour was over. We bought lots of goodies, chocolate, mugs, soap and the Parliament rock sweetie.

Then it was time for the long bus journey home. It seemed to take forever to get back to Lochcarron and we were all exhausted, sleepy and tired. When we got back we went to bed early because we were so tired and we had had a great time.

By Emma Ross and Paddy MacInnes